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#FREE E-PUB ê Stem Cells and Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine õ Stem Cells And Biomaterials For Regenerative Medicine Addresses The Urgent Need For A Compact Source Of Information On Both The Cellular And Biomaterial Aspects Of Regenerative Medicine By Developing A Mutual Understanding Between Three Separately Functioning Areas Of Science Medicine, The Latest Technology, And Clinical Economics The Volume Encourages Interdisciplinary Relationships That Will Lead To Solutions For The Significant Challenges Faced By Today S Regenerative Medicine Users Will Find Sections On The Homeostatic Balance Created By Apoptosis And Proliferating Tissue Stem Cells, The Naturally Regenerative Capacities Of Various Tissue Types, The Potential Regenerative Benefits Of IPS Generation, Various Differentiation Protocols, And.Written In Easily Accessbile Language, This Volume Is Appropriate For Any Professional Or Medical Staff Looking To Expand Their Knowledge With Regard To Stem Cells And Regenerative Medicine.Arms Readers With Key Information On Tissue Engineering, Artificial Organs And Biomaterials, While Using Broadly Accessible LanguageProvides Broad Introduction To, And Examples Of, Various Types Of Stem Cells, Core Concepts Of Regenerative Medicine, Biomaterials, Nanotechnology And Nanomaterials, Somatic Cell Transdyferentiation, And Edited And Authored By Researchers With Expertise In Regenerative Medicine, Cancer Stem Cells, Biomaterials, Genetics And Nanomaterials