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A random pick up Much cute. Great artwork and overall very cute A fun graphic novel of classic mythology filled with playful humor Nice artwork. This book has illustrations that pair perfectly with the text It makes for a whimsical illustration of the life of Hermes. A graphic novel origin story for Hermes the Greek God Fun way to introduce his stories. .EPUB ⚔ I Am Hermes! ⚆ At Birth, Hermes, Son Of Zeus And The Nymph Maia, Says His First Word Gimme In This Graphic Novel About The Mischievous, Fun Loving Messenger Of The Gods, Mordicai Gerstein Transports Classical Mythology To The St Century The World The Newly Born Hermes Says It S Even Better Than I Expected I Love It I Want It All On His First Day Of Life, Hermes Manages To Trick A Turtle Into Surrendering Its Shell And A Ram Into Surrendering Its Horns, Thereby Inventing The Lyre, Music, And Song He Also Manages To Steal His Brother Apollo S Precious Cows, But Later Redeems Himself By Outwitting The Giant Brothers Otus And Ephialtes, Who Have Kidnapped Mars