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[Ebook] After Ethnos  By Tobias Rees – Pembspm.co.uk
  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • After Ethnos
  • Tobias Rees
  • 15 April 2018
  • 9781478000617

After Ethnos For Most Of The Twentieth Century, Anthropologists Understood Themselves As Ethnographers The Art Of Anthropology Was The Fieldwork Based Description Of Faraway Others Of How Social Structures Secretly Organized The Living Together Of A Given Society, Of How A People Had Endowed The World Surrounding Them With Cultural Meaning While The Poetics And Politics Of Anthropology Have Changed Dramatically Over The Course Of A Century, The Basic Equation Of Anthropology With Ethnography As Well As The Definition Of The Human As A Social And Cultural Being Has Remained So Evident That The Possibility Of Questioning It Occurred To Hardly Anyone In After Ethnos Tobias Rees Endeavors To Decouple Anthropology From Ethnography And The Human From Society And Culture And Explores The Manifold Possibilities Of Practicing A Question Based Rather Than An Answer Based Anthropology That Emanates From This Decoupling What Emerges From Rees S Provocations Is A New Understanding Of Anthropology As A Philosophically And Poetically Inclined, Fieldwork Based Investigation Of What It Could Mean To Be Human When The Established Concepts Of The Human On Which Anthropology Has Been Built Increasingly Fail Us

About the Author: Tobias Rees

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the After Ethnos book, this is one of the most wanted Tobias Rees author readers around the world.

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    I really have no business reading this book, but then again why not I ve struggled with Foucault and Deleuze and all the rest, and this guy provides a handy guide of sorts to such writing Which is not to say he s any easier to read, really, but he does feel generous to this hapless reader I will go ahead and credit his copious notes and bibliography as an act of generosity to any reader who might need or want to know where he s coming from At least a third of the pages are devoted to scholarly apparatus supporting what must be the main argument, which is itself chopped up into afterthought and clarifications and, sometimes, digressions.All the apparatus is off putting, though And it is at ironic odds with the main argument, which frankly, even to call it an argument adds irony to irony Here is an attempt to remove oneself entirely from any implication in the politics of life and scholarship an approach to a kind of philosophical innocence beyond all the fuss of sometimes angry disagreement Beyond the anxiety of influence lies the worse anxiety that one might later on presumably be found to have been aligned with the malign and sporting some privilege undeserved and then projecting it onto the great unwashed So how and why do I love it so much Well, you know, since I can hardly read everything and since I am skeptical at best about scholarship and since I have to accord most of what makes me me to accident, it s nice to find kindred spirits now and again who don t seem to want to tell me what s right and what to do and who to believe.All ontologies and teleologies these words are flagged by the technology as being invented by me, which they must be since I ve never been able to remember what they respectively mean are deconstructed here and each now is embedded in the all that has no beginning and no end I mean being relieved of all anxiety about how it all ends feels identical with being connected with the cosmos here and now as it is, which must mean, I suppose, that I get to jettison notions of causal relations back through time which are formative and just accept that the black hole just photographed exists here and now for me despite its being dated however many billions of years in my past Which is as good a definition for knowing as I can think of look, this line below just appeared, apparently written by itself since I don t remember writing it I am no emergent phenomenon, no matter how fundamentally unpredictable, but am rather, well, just me it could be a helpfully inserted highlight and thus a quote and not mine I have no idea And but if knowing can t be separated from being and being is only contingent on being found out and especially if applying anthropological reasoning to ones very own self is logical idiocy, then what s a meta for Just being silly Sorry Surely it must at least be admitted that this fairly recent attempt to remove us from any and all substrate oh, wait, isn t that precisely what post ethnos means An afterthought I ll have to go back and read again Thank God for the New School

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