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.READ EBOOK ☨ Transgression in Games and Play ☦ Contributors From A Range Of Disciplines Explore Boundary Crossing In Videogames, Examining Both Transgressive Game Content And Transgressive Player ActionsVideo Gameplay Can Include Transgressive Play Practices In Which Players Act In Ways Meant To Annoy, Punish, Or Harass Other Players Videogames Themselves Can Include Transgressive Or Upsetting Content, Including Excessive Violence Such Boundary Crossing In Videogames Belies The General Idea That Play And Games Are Fun And Non Serious, With Little Consequence Outside The World Of The Game In This Book, Contributors From A Range Of Disciplines Explore Transgression In Video Games, Examining Both Game Content And Player Actions The Contributors Consider The Concept Of Transgression In Games And Play, Drawing On Discourses In Sociology, Philosophy, Media Studies, And Game Studies Offer Case Studies Of Transgressive Play, Considering, Among Other Things, How Gameplay Practices Can Be At Once Playful And Violations Of Social Etiquette Investigate Players Emotional Responses To Game Content And Play Practices Examine The Aesthetics Of Transgression, Focusing On The Ways That Game Design Can Be Used For Transgressive Purposes And Discuss Transgressive Gameplay In A Societal Context By Emphasizing Actual Player Experience, The Book Offers A Contextual Understanding Of Content And Practices Usually Framed As Simply ProblematicContributorsFraser Allison, Kristian A Bj Rkelo, Kelly Boudreau, Marcus Carter, Mia Consalvo, Rhys Jones, Kristine J Rgensen, Faltin Karlsen, Tomasz Z Majkowski, Alan Meades, Torill Elvira Mortensen, V Ctor Navarro Remesal, Holger P Tzsch, John R Sageng, Tanja Sihvonen, Jaakko Stenros, Ragnhild Tronstad, Hanna Wirman

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