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( Book ) ⚉ Elementary Differential Equations ♴ Elementary Differential Equations, Second Edition Is Written With The Knowledge That There Has Been A Dramatic Change In The Past Century In How Solutions To Differential Equations Are Calculated However, The Way The Topic Has Been Taught In Introductory Courses Has Barely Changed To Reflect These Advances, Which Leaves Students At A Disadvantage This Second Edition Has Been Created To Address These Changes And Help Instructors Facilitate New Teaching Methods And The Latest Tools, Which Includes Computers.The Text Is Designed To Help Instructors Who Want To Use Computers In Their Classrooms It Accomplishes This By Emphasizing And Integrating Computers In Teaching Elementary Or Ordinary Differential Equations Many Examples And Exercises Included In The Text Require The Use Of Computer Software To Solve Problems It Should Be Noted That Since Instructors Use Their Own Preferred Software, This Book Has Been Written To Be Independent Of Any Specific Software Package Features Focuses On Numerical Methods And Computing To Generate SolutionsFeatures Extensive Coverage Of Nonlinear Differential Equations And Nonlinear SystemsIncludes Software Programs To Solve Problems In The Text Which Are Located On The Author S WebsiteContains A Wider Variety Of Non Mathematical Models Than Any Competing TextbookThis Second Edition Is A Valuable, Up To Date Tool For Instructors Teaching Courses About Differential Equations It Serves As An Excellent Introductory Textbook For Undergraduate Students Majoring In Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Various Engineering Disciplines And Other Sciences They Also Will Find That The Textbook Will Aide Them Greatly In Their Professional Careers Because Of Its Instructions On How To Use Computers To Solve Equations.