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@Download õ The Art of Preventing Stupid é In A World Where Most Businesses Fail, The Art Of Preventing Stupid Offers A System For Leaders To Solve Common Business Problems Before They Happen Author Matthew Neill Davis Introduces The Preventing Stupid Method To Running A Business, A Method That Guides Readers In Identifying, Categorizing, And Prioritizing Threats To And Weaknesses In Their Business This Book Details How To Efficiently Prevent And Manage Potential And Present Problems And Helps Business Owners And Managers Learn How To Create Leads For A Profitable Business You Will Learn How To Seize Opportunities Rather Than Wallow In Problems That Should Never Have Made It To The SurfaceForward Thinking Risk Management This Book Delivers Bold Business Strategy Rooted In Forward Thinking Risk Management It Is About Changing How Leaders Think, So They Can Run Their Business With Confidence, Effectiveness, And Profitability It Shows Struggling Entrepreneurs How To Weed Out The Stupid Mistakes They Re Making, So They Can Move Forward For Those Already Running A Business, It Offers Next Level Risk Management Strategies To Make Work Easier, Profitable, And Secure Advice From A Lawyer In The Art Of Preventing Stupid, You Ll Get A Lawyer S Perspective And Insight And The Value Of A Fractional General Counsel For The Cost Of A Single Book Matthew Neill Davis Of Davis Law, PLLC, A Firm That Has Three Times Made The Law Firm For Being Among The Fastest Growing Law Firms In The Nation, Will Show You How To Make Smart, Meaningful Changes To Successfully Grow Your Organization With His Extensive Litigation And Business Representation Experience And Expertise In Building And Running Custom Legal Departments For Businesses And Nonprofits, He Has Dedicated Himself To Helping Business Owners Make Smart Business Decisions

10 thoughts on “The Art of Preventing Stupid

  1. Marta Marta says:

    This book is aimed at small business owners and provides a framework for identifying areas of risk as well as ways to prevent and prepare for those risks.I m not a small business owner, but I found the ...

  2. Gian Luca Gian Luca says:

    Different approach to evaluate a business toward avoiding expensive mistakes.Basically, there are Catastrophic, Ignorance and Stupid mistakes that you could avoid or be prepared.

  3. Seema Rao Seema Rao says:

    Solid Clear Usefultl dr Don t be dumb or ignorant if you want a successful business Davis is a solid communicate with scores of experience He develops a plan to help people see their weaknesses and counteract them The strength of this book, for me, is the clarity of the text This is a business book ...

  4. Maria V. Maria V. says:

    The target audience of this book is business owners As a seasoned attorney, the author approaches business problems as a good attorney would do when taking to a client prevention is the key, checklists are your mantra, insurance is your best friend I am attorney myself, so I found this book not really informative for me I could see, however, how a business owner could benefit from reading it The Art of Preventing Stupid really is about prevention of all foreseeable problems that can arise in the business, and how not on...