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What a fun adventure of a book Middle graders are going to eat this up Great classroom addition Thank you netgalley for the free arc in exchange for an honest review It s literary laser tag Awesome action Hilarious baby alien Get it Got the ARC off a friend who s making me do this review I first thought it was kinda slow, but it turned out to be much cooler than I was expecting The storys about this family that live in the future but haven t adapted to modern times, so their son enters a science competition go to the new school on the moon The main character kinda reminds me of Spidey, cause he s this really smart nerd but turns out to be something of a superhero at the end So the plot starts with Leo trying to get to the moon, he goes to space camp, then once he gets to Luna City the plot revolves around him finding a strange alien note, the moon school s library getting ransacked, and Leo s pet mouse getting lost The lost mouse eventually leads Leo to finding a trapped baby alien who explains that Earth is going to be destroyed by an evil alien species on the night of the eclipse Leo and hi I read Leo Gray and the Lunar Eclipse with my son He really liked it He said he would read it again I found it engaging and entertaining This book would be a nice addition to a classroom library Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review. So much fun I absolutely love that this book is for boys and girls, and not marketed at one or the other So refreshing, and a great read Will be buying in physical format for my children Leo Gray is embarrassed by his behind the times parents who don t see the need for anything high tech They own Minutes Widgets, a clock fixing shop, which isn t doing so well in 2113 when most people rely on self flying cars and robots that do all of the housework Leo is an eleven year old science whiz who is hoping to secure a place at the Lunar Academy, located in a new city inside the moon called Luna City.Leo arrives at Luna City and soon discovers that not everything is as it seems He and his new friends wind up trying to solve a mystery that has catastrophic implications.While I liked Leo, his This was a fast fun read The author s writing style is really different Instead of greeting us with a typical dystopian setting, we meet the main character in a present day setting within a futuristic setting, ex Leo s family still watch tv and use a dishwasher even though robots now do everything and tvs no longer exist This adds to the books humor, but there is also some mystery and conflict here as to why that is, which I suspect the author is holding back from us for a later installment There are a number of minor stories in this book as well, ex trees are disappearing all over town and Leo s neighbor who s the landscaping security guy claims to have worked for the government and that his wife was abducted by aliens called Lunalings This is another example of where the author leaves us to wonder about what s really going on, as we only get the answer to where the trees went and why they disappeared We don t find out about the alien abducted wife, which I was really curious about The main story takes off when Leo leaves his sheltered home on Earth to attend the moon s academy after winning a national science competition At the academy Leo meets other kids who were awarded acceptance for various talents like math, history, theater, and music, though some did gain entrance from their rich parents Low and behold, the selection of Earth s most My son really liked this book I enjoyed that there was enough going on to keep him engaged for half an hour at a time and was relieved that the story did not get as dark as many of the books tend to get for his age group Fun sci fi world with heroism and STEAM themes Would recommend. {Free} ⚹ Leo Gray and the Lunar Eclipse ⚛ Who Hasn T Dreamed Of Going To The Moon That Dream For Eleven Year Old Leo Gray Is About To Come True But He S In For The Surprise Of His Life In The Year 2113, Most People Live In Robotically Maintained Homes, Ride Around In Self Flying Cars, And Wear Ozone Resistant Clothes Most People That Is Just Not Leo Gray S Parents They Re Stuck In The Past, And Science Know It All Leo Is Completely Fed Up With His Beyond Embarrassing Living Arrangement With Them But When He Enters A Rocket Building Competition For A Chance To Attend The Lunar Academy, Leo S Luck Finally Seems To Turn In His Favor However, It S Not Long After Stepping Foot Into His Dorm Room That Leo Discovers The Moon S Celebrated City Is Harboring A World Of Dark Secrets It S Soon A Race Against The Clock For Leo And His Friends Andromeda Groves A Code Hacking Whiz From Canada , Pavo Digbi A History Buff From Brazil , And Grus Pinwheel A Musically Gifted And Comically Endearing Aussie To Intercept And Foil Plans To Destroy The City Leaving The Group S Leader Faced With A Decision That No Eleven Year Old Should Ever Have To Make Save Earth Or Save Himself And The City He Fought So Hard To ReachLeo Gray And The Lunar Eclipse Is An Epic Adventure Set In A Wonderfully Imaginative, Futuristic World Overflowing With Robots, Anti Gravity Sports, Superhero Esque Suspense, And Page After Page Of Laughter And Heart That Will Leave Boys And Girls Equally Gripped Under Its Spell I enjoyed this story The characters were well defined and relatable The only thing I didn t understand or visualize was the crescent shaped forehead Check out the Leo Gray website to see it Leo goes on the adventure of his dreams He wins a ticket to the moon but loses it when his dad finds out Leo went against his wishes and deceived him After making amends he finds a second chance for lunar travel He ends up making friends, facing his enemy, and