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~Free Book ⚑ How Neighborhoods Make Us Sick ⚓ Our Neighborhoods Are Literally Making Us Sick.Buildings With Mold Trigger Asthma And Other Respiratory Conditions Geographic Lack Of Access To Food And Health Care Increases Childhood Mortality Community Violence Traumatizes Residents Poverty, Unemployment, Inadequate Housing, Food Insecurity, Racial Injustice, And Oppression Cause Physical Changes In The Body, Resulting In Disease And Death But There Is Hope Loving Our Neighbor Includes Creating Social Environments In Which People Can Be Healthy While Working In Community Redevelopment And Treating Uninsured Families, Veronica Squires And Breanna Lathrop Discovered That Creating Healthier Neighborhoods Requires A Commitment To Health Equity Jesus Ministry Brought Healing Through Dismantling Systems Of Oppression And Overturning Social Norms That Prevented People From Living Healthy Lives We Can Do The Same In Our Communities Through Addressing Social Determinants That Facilitate Healing In Under Resourced Neighborhoods Everyone Deserves The Opportunity For Good Health The Decisions We Make And Actions We Take Can Promote The Health Of Our Neighbors.

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  1. Jen Johnson Jen Johnson says:

    Squires and Lathrop take a thoughtful look at health equality, the impacts of poverty and what it means to be a good neighbor Blending their personal and professional experience with real world data, Squires and Lathrop have written a book that is readable, convicting and full of hope.

  2. Bob Bob says:

    Summary A case study showing how social determinants impacting health outcomes work in different zip codes and how these manifest in an urban neighborhood in southwest Atlanta.Perhaps the single most sobering insight to arise from How Neighborhoods Make Us Sick is that life expectancy within different zip codes in the same city and metro area can widely vary by a decade or in some cases There are a complex of factors in which these areas vary social determinants that profoundly affect the wellness and longevity of the residents in those neighborhoods.The co authors of this book, Veronica Squires and Breanna Lathrop, take academic discussion in the public health community and narrate how they personally experienced the realities of the factors that shape health outcomes Their argument is that these social determinants go far beyond personal choices and bootstrap solutions Much of this came through their personal realization that the presence and community involvement adv...

  3. Lisa Lisa says:

    Data and real world experience from Good Samaritan Health Center support the need for health care equity in all communities Important perspective when advocating for health care for all.

  4. Ale Salgueiro Ale Salgueiro says:

    Good overview of social determinants of health and some ways to address them Focuses on Atlanta but draws examples from other cities

  5. Danielle Danielle says:

    The authors talk about living in a poor neighborhood in Atlanta and how it negatively impacts the residents there and makes it hard if not impossible for them to better their situation They also talk about the organizations specifically the health clinic one of the authors works for that are trying to help the people who live there Co written by a upper middle class white woman who moves with her husband into the inner city of Atlanta as part of mission I feel like this book is one that might actually reach the white Christian suburbanites who don t understand why these people don t just pull themselves up by the boot straps and who think if you re poor it s obviously your fault and has nothing to do with systemic issues Having someone who is like them share her personal experiences of living under the...