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^FREE DOWNLOAD ⇜ The Politics of Ministry ⇯ We All Need Help Navigating The Politics Of Ministry Politics Is Often Considered A Dirty Word It Brings To Mind Lies And Manipulation, Accusations And Scandals But At Its Most Basic Level, Politics Is Simply The Everyday Activity Of Getting Things Done With Other People Understanding Their Interests, Recognizing The Power Dynamics At Play, And Learning How To Negotiate Relationships And Institutions To Achieve A Common Goal These Realities Are As True In Ministry Settings As Anywhere Else In The Politics Of Ministry, Bob Burns, Tasha Chapman, And Donald Guthrie Combine Their Long Ministry Experience With Sociological Research On The Topic Filled With Real Life Stories Taken From A Variety Of Ministry Settings, This Book Sets Out Wise Principles And Practices That Help Us See Clearly The Political Dynamics At Play In Our Churches And Parachurch Ministries All Ministry Is Political As Servants Of Christ S Kingdom, We Are Called To Navigate The Politics Of Ministry With Grace, Wisdom, And Charity This Book Shows Us How The Gospel Of Jesus Changes The Way We Work With Those Around Us Toward Our Common Goal.

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  1. Conrade Yap Conrade Yap says:

    The word politics has often been used pejoratively From world leaders to local associations, people see politicians or the way of politics as a necessary evil We may hate it but we cannot do without it Even in non profit organizations, there has been accusations of politics played by those jostling for power and position in the organization Like a chess game, some individuals scheme their way into plum roles Others play defensive to protect their place in the hierarchy Churches are no exception In some cases, the level of politicizing might even be most discouraging This book helps us understand, navigate, and negotiate our way in ministry The authors start off by saying that politics is the art of getting things done with others Thus, politics is not exactly a dirty word but a necessarily power dynamic to bring about positive change and progress for the organ...

  2. Samuel Kassing Samuel Kassing says:

    Where was this book in my first 5 years of ministry The title and subtitle say it all Get it and read it Due yourself a favor.