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{DOWNLOAD PDF} ⚤ Alerik the Dragonslayer Õ Dragons Have Plagued The Kingdom Of Almandoor For Centuries, Devastating The Outer Farmlands And Eating Anything That Moves As They Establish Their Nests The Younger Dragons, Seeking Territory Of Their Own, Have Made A Habit Of Terrorizing Small Villages And Towns As Well Born From The Sheer Will To Survive, Almandoor Has Honed Its Army Into A Dragon Killing Machine, A Force Unlike Any Other Upon The World Of Terramyr Victories Came Easily At First, But At A Cost As The Armies Of Men Pushed Deeper Into The Dragons Lairs They Stumbled Upon A Danger That Had Been Sleeping In The Shadows Deep Within The Caves Now The Almandoorians Are On The Run As Much Larger Beasts With Nearly Impenetrable Scales And Fire Hot Enough To Melt The Very Mountains Around Them Emerge From Their Eons Of Slumber To Protect Their Own Locked In A Bitter Struggle For Survival, The Dragons Have Gone On The Offensive Like Never Before, Laying Waste To Whole Cities And Slaughtering Everything In Their Path Only The Best Of The Dragonslayers Still Remain, But Even Their Skills Are Not Enough Among The Few Brave Souls Who Refuse To Desert Their Homeland There Is One Man Who Stands Out Among The Legendary Warriors Alerik Is The Only Man To Have Ever Killed A Dragon In Single Combat, And He Has Done It Than Once He Is Called Upon To Lead The Final Battle Against The Largest, Most Dangerous Dragon Ever To Attack The Kingdom Of Almandoor In Order To Have Any Chance Of Winning, Alerik Must Use A Bold Strategy Never Before Attempted, And Yet This Very Scheme Could Backfire And Set In Motion A Chain Of Events That Could Not Only Prove His Own Undoing, But Also Swallow The Entire Realm In A Lake Of Fire Grab Your Copy Today, Because You Want To Know How Alerik Takes On A Three Hundred Foot Dragon

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