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{Read Pdf} Ñ Roar á The Captivating Life Story Of A Renowned Siamese Buddhist Activist, Critic, And Indomitable Defender Of The DisenfranchisedMatteo Pistono S Deft Prose Weaves Together The Story Of Sulak Sivaraksa S Years Of Social Justice Work And His Tireless Campaigns To Effect Change As A Seminal Figure In The World Of Socially Engaged Spirituality, Sulak Has Given Us A Blueprint For Peaceful, Nonviolent Activism In The Twenty First Century More Than Forty Vintage Photos Illustrate Both His Life And A Turbulent Period In Thailand S History.

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  1. Jim Jim says:

    I won this book on Goodreads This book details the life of Sulak Sivaraksa and his activism He tends to rub people the wrong way and I respect what he is doing but I don t agree with all his concepts It is too bad that Sulak seems to be out of the country of Thailand most of the time when bad things happen to his country A very small part of the book discusses Edmund Burke and his philosophy but Burke supported the American Revolution and the people s rights, so it wasn t that he was pro monarchy but saw the French Revolution would end in disaster Granted this was only a very small part of the book Sulak also chastises Thich Nhat Hanh for contributing to the carbon footprint on Earth for bringing a large party of people somewhere, but Sulak falls into the trap that this green ideology is beneficial to humankind but in reality it is just another form of power and control over people just expressed in a different way He also criticizes the Dalai Lama for drinking a Coke Cola and ...

  2. Lolo Onda Lolo Onda says:

    I won this book via the giveaway and really enjoyed the flow of this book I was previously fairly unaware of many of the basic concepts of socially engaged Buddhism I found the perspective of Sulak s big B Buddhism and little b Buddhism to very in...