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Perini brings readers back to small town, Carder, Texas with danger and suspense.This book is well written with dynam7c characters that will keep readers engaged until the very end.I highly recommend this book to fans of the romantic suspense genre. I ve been waiting for Leon Royce s story and I wasn t disappointed Robin gave him the perfect heroine Faith Thomas and her girl Zoe This story will touch you in so many ways For Faith is hiding from something to horrible to speak about Plus she is trying to protect something that has no measure Leon has had a secret from the beginning to protect the ones he loves This story is well written that will have you turning the pages to see what is happening next You will be cheering the good guys and hoping that bad guys don t win Its about not being able trust certain people with your secrets but Leon learns to trust Faith and visa versa Its a powerful story about power of the rich against the power of the poor Its definitely worth a read I ve seen Leon in previous stories so I really enjoyed this book Leon has been a secondary character in the other books of this series I was excited to read the next book in the series It can definitely be read as a stand aloneFaith is on the run from her ex husband with their Great StoryWow don t know where to begin.I couldn t put this one down,it grabbed me from the very first page.Mystery,suspense and a whole lot of action.A really good read. Faith Thomas had divorced her husband Burke, and while things were tense, Faith had not expected Burke to file for full custody She fled to Carder, Texas, with her seven year old daughter Zoe, in fear of being discovered When her home and ransacked and upon seeing some disturbing news in the local paper, Faith knows she has to disappear permanently Burke will not take no for an answer Faith works in the library, often bringing her daughter, and when she sees Zoe talking with a stranger, Faith panics, which doesn t escape L on Royce s vigilant eyes He had been chatting amicably with Zoe, but he senses that Faith needs help, which he can provide L on understands only too well the need to become invisible that s what he s been doing for several years in Texas, while working for the CTC, Covert Technology Confidential From the very first pages, it s easy to understand Faith s terror Burke is one scary dude I admit I thought that the heroine s ex being a psychopathic serial killer was a bit of overkill if you will pardon the pun but I liked how it contributed to make us see another facet of Faith s personality L on also has quite an unusual past, and I found it interesting that, apart from Zoe, most characters wear masks they all hide their true identity in one way or another, for various reasons The romance between Faith and L on progressed surprisingly realistically, and Zoe came a `BOOK ☙ Last Stand in Texas ☉ Two People Whose Dangerous Pasts Are Never Far Behind Will Their Secrets Catch Up To Them Stranded In Small Town Texas, Desperate To Keep Her Daughter From Her Serial Killer Ex, Faith Thomas Must Rely On Covert Operative L On Royce But He, Too, Is On The Run, Hiding His Real Identity And Denying His Real Attraction To Faith Protecting Her And Zoe Becomes His Mission One He Ll Risk His Life And Heart For