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#DOWNLOAD BOOK Ö Jasper (Book 2 of The War & Piece Chronicles) Û Jasper Kendrick British, Brooding, And Dark, He Hid His Past When He Came To Work For Virgin Islands Personal Fitness As The Face Of VIP, He Keeps His Bad Boy Image Buried Beneath Expensive Designer Suits And With Copious Amounts Of Sex But Even His Wealth And Good Looks Can T Drive Out The Demons That Haunt Him He Couldn T Save Them, But He Can Save Her Even So, It Just May Be Her That Saves HimDaisy Jones Despite Being Born In Sweet Birch Hollow, The Backwoods Of Tennessee, She Is A Gifted Country Girl With Formal Degrees In All Aspects Of Accounting After Becoming An FBI Informant, She Has To Hide From Her Criminal Husband, Who Wants Her Dead On The Run, She Takes The Position As A Financial Executive At VIP Her First Meeting With Jasper Is Anything But Cordial But When The Cold, Mysterious Man Offers His Protection, She Can T Refuse, And When He All But Moves Her Into His Home It Seems There May Be Than A War Brewing On The Horizon

10 thoughts on “Jasper (Book 2 of The War & Piece Chronicles)

  1. Kathy Kathy says:

    Jasper and Daisy OMG this is now my favourite Cory book I love the stories Cory writes about older women and younger men, watching them grow together and find themselves.I can NEVER write a review to do this book or any of Corys books justice You just need to read them, her books are always a one click for me and never a disappointment.

  2. Marnie Marnie says:

    Jasper is a hot and sexy Brit He s hot as all hell He s British, and he has a hero complex Wow, just wow I could wax lyrical about Jasper Kendrick for hours I was privileged to proof read this book before the cover was released, and I could hear his sexy British accent in my head as I read through I d built an image in my mind, and the gorgeous cover chosen by Cory Cyr is exactly how I imagined Jasper would look This book is the second in the VIP Fitness War and Piece Chronicles, but each stands a lone Can t imagine why you wouldn t want to go back and read Kai first though Cory s books are witty, hilarious, and make for great time spent reading Jasper is put out that the silent partner of VIP Fitness has hired an accountant, meaning he now has to spend time with their clients He s not really a people person He s stoic and unapproachable There s one thing he loves though, and that s sex A lot of it with a lot of women, and once only He describes loss in a haunting and defensive ...

  3. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    Ohhhh Jasper I was intrigued with him when we first meet him in Kai And boy does he sweep you off your feet and make you want to just swoon for him The concept in this book is amazing and leaves you breathless Not just from the passion that is off the charts but also from the back story of everything that Daisy is going through While these two both have a past that haunts them, they heal each other and keep each other strong as the story progresses I love their wit and banter as well I giggled a lot because Daisy keeps Jasper on his toes While things get thrown at them, I love how Daisy is strong to withstand the storm that brews Literally and figuratively These two are both fighters and will fight for those they love no matter the cost As an avid Cyr fan, this book delivers everything you need in a story Passion, romance, intrigue and a beautiful one of a kind love Cyr writes such a stunning story that flows off the page and you cannot help but get wrapped up in the world she ha...

  4. Sher Kurwa Sher Kurwa says:

    Daisy isn t your ordinary country bumpkin from Hickville, USA She made sure she got an education and got as far away from her old life as she could Her old life wasn t a bad one but it wasn t a life she wanted Insert a miserable cheating lying con husband and the FBI for one heck of a story Jasper isn t free of a past either He has his own skeletons in his closet By the end of the book though, I was swooning over Jasper Jasper and Daisy couldn t be opposite, in my eyes Could it be true what they say Opposites attract Read Jasper and find out I thoroughly enjoyed reading Jasper It was a fun, comedic and thrilling read I love Cory s writing style I hope you love Jasper as much as I did I really do have to mention Reese Poor guy After striking out twice, I really do hope he gets the HEA his poor heart deserves Xoxo

  5. Lee Rey Lee Rey says:

    Cory Cyr created a beautiful and hot masterpiece So far is my absolute favorite out of all her books Daisy and Jasper have an intense chemistry from their first meeting argument They become consumed when naughty thoughts, but Jasper has a darkness in him that he attempts to stay hidden and Daisy is running from a problem so is cautious of opening her self up Sometimes bad weather can bring positivity if you know how to look at it, you will understand this reference once you read the book If Jasper s book was better than Kai, I wonder if Reese s will be better than this one I patiently wait for And I am curious if Jasper s sister Rumour will find love with a new employee at VIP Only time will tell in the next book

  6. Becca Jean Becca Jean says:

    I love every one of Cory Cyr s younger man older woman books Jasper s book was no exception I love nothing than a hot, sexy, tall, tattooed guy with a British accent So yummy Daisy was perfect for Jasper Opposites certainly do attract You get hot sex, great dialogue and drama HEA is also a must for Cory s books This book will not disappoint.

  7. Carolyn Brown Carolyn Brown says:

    WowAnother 5 star rad for sure.God I love Jasper Man of steel becomes puddle of goo..love it.Looking forward to Reese s story.

  8. Badass Lioness Badass Lioness says:

    I prefer romantic suspense, so this older woman younger man erotic romance with a suspenseful secondary storyline suited me well Daisy is 43, from Tennessee, a forensic accountant, and on the run from her abusive, money laundering, and dangerous husband She is hired by Harriet, the silent business partner of Kai, Jasper, and Reese Daisy has taken over Jasper s job at VIP Fitness, and he is not happy about that Reese of course hits on Daisy, but doesn t get anywhere with her Jasper is 29, not into older women, loves only his sister and niece, and has a terrible secret from his past that he refuses to share with even Kai and Reese One of the things I enjoyed the most was the contrast between American Southerner Daisy and her cooking, and Jasper and his British ways The banter was fun The erotic sex scenes were enough, though I admit to skimming as I am not big on erotic romance This has graphic language as well as explicit sex scenes Depending on what you like that is either good o...