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READ KINDLE ♵ In the Shadows of Naga Insurgency ⚖ In The Shadows Of Naga Insurgency Is A Fine Grained Critique Of The Naga Struggle For Political Redemption, The State S Response To It, And The Social Corollaries And Carry Overs Of Protracted Political Conflict On Everyday Life Offering An Ethnographic Underview, Jelle Wouters Illustrates An Insurgency Complex That Reveals How Embodied Experiences Of Resistance And State Aggression, Violence And Volatility, And Struggle And Suffering Link Together To Shape Social Norms, Animate Local Agitations, And Complicate Inter Personal And Inter Tribal Relations In Expected And Unexpected Ways The Book Locates The Historical Experiences And Agency Of The Naga People And Relates These To Ordinary Villagers Perceptions, Actions, And Moral Reasoning Vis A Vis Both The Naga Movement And The State And Its Lucrative Resources It Thus Presses Us To Rethink Our Views On Tribalism, Conflict And Ceasefire, Development, Corruption, And Democratic Politics