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!Download Book ⚖ A Mother’s Love ♂ She Lost Her Mother But Found HopeLiverpool, There Comes A Moment In Every Child S Life When They Must Learn To Stand On Their Own Two FeetFor Fifteen Year Old Ellie Lancton, That Time Has Come All Too Soon The Death Of Her Mother And The Increase In Air Raids Leaves Ellie Alone And In Grave Danger It S Not Long Before She Is Forced To Leave Her Beloved Liverpool Behind And Cross The Mersey To Seek Refuge In The CountrysideBut As The War Takes Comforts Away, So Too Does It Bring New Opportunities For Work, New Friendships, And Perhaps A Little Love It Will Take All Of Ellie S Courage To Find Her Way Without Her Mother S Guidance But If Ellie Can Soldier On With Grace And Dignity, There Might Just Be Light At The End Of The Tunnel

10 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love

  1. Sandra Sandra says:

    What a beautiful book of love,war,friendship and family Ellie is young when she loses the one person she loves beyond measure and then to have work so hard to pay the rent on the only home she has ever had.Then disgusting landlord Sid tries to take her innocence but she escapes and finds safety on Connor Murray s uncles farm.As she settles in to her new home she learns how to care for the animals and how to tend the crops.Aiden Murray makes sure she is safe and secure but knows that she wants to join up with her best friend Arla to do their bit for the war effort.Aiden wants to join up too but an accident on the farm as a boy damaged his leg leaving one leg longer.Ellie tells him to keep trying to full fill his dream of joining the RAF.I can highly recommend this book it is worth than 5 and written by a wonderful lady.

  2. Layla Ashby Layla Ashby says:

    Just didn t do it for me this book didn t have the same appeal as when Katie was writing Had to abandon.

  3. c m bolton c m bolton says:

    LavenderI choice give star rating as from the first page I haven t been able to out it down It s a fabulous story with fabulous characters A must read.x

  4. Trudie Trudie says:

    I have to say that I really enjoyed this, very likeable characters and a good story which flowed really well 1 thing though, what happened to the cat

  5. charlotte charlotte says:

    Brilliant Could not put the book down an excellent read Totally enjoyed the book and felt I knew the characters in the book