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!Download ♠ Marble Showdown ⚔ Welcome To Marble Showdown A World Where Strength, Status Wealth And Happiness Is Defined By How Well You Can FLICK Your Fingers This Story Oscillates Around A Worthless Teenager Who Thinks He Has What It Takes To Challenge The Elites Of Flicking, So He Enters The Shunkow Academy Of Marbles As His First Step To Becoming The Best Why Does He Has Such An Outstretched Aim I Wonder Probably You Can Deduce Something From A Millimeter Of His Backstory Hommi, A Thirteen Year Old Trash Orphan Who Was Raised By A Morbelic Wolf A Rare Fantasoic Creature That Has Been Evading Mythic Hunters For Millennia, Finally Because Of Her Cryptic Old Age They Caught Up With Her She Defended Herself And Hommi With All Her Might, Slaying All The Hunters Who Came After, But She Was Reaching The End Of Her Rope, Before She Could Croak Like A Grey Back Frog, She Bestowed Hommi With Her Greatest Possession A Treasure That Many Sought For Millennia Her Dying Breath Sports Fantasy Manga

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