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#FREE PDF â Journal of a Deadman Î Keith S Travels Through Hell Have Taken A Deeply Personal Turn His Companion, Usis, Has Been Stripped From Him And Is Now Being Held Prisoner By The Overlord Of The Seventh Plane, The Archdemon Leviathan During His Travels Keith Has Met, What He Considers, Innocent People Who Should Not Be Here He S Met Evil Creatures Who Even Hell Seemed Like An Unjust Punishment But None Of It Had Been Personal Leviathan Had Seen To That The Situation Now Forced Not Only Keith But Elick, His Guide, To Make Some Hard Decisions Because Leviathan Is Elick S Great Grandfather And One Of Lucifer S Vicious Generals Keith Must Now Not Only Focus On The Task Assigned To Him By The Dark Lord But Also The Rescuing Of The Only Person In All Eternity He Cares About, Usis His Next Destination Should Have Been The Fifth Plane, That Of Blasphemy, But Instead His Guide Has Decided Keith Needs To Seek The Counsel Of A Friend, One Of The Few He Trusts, The Marquis DeSade, Overlord Of The Plane Of Lust Then And Only Then Will They Travel To The Fifth Plane Where Keith Is Ready To Extract His Own Vengeance Upon Some Of Earth S Most Revered Religious Leaders Who Through Their Selfishness, Greed And Misinterpretation Of The Father S Laws Has Consigned Them And Their Naive Followers To An Eternity Of Suffering At The Hands Of The Host So Again The Dark Lord Welcomes You To Explore His Realm And The Rewards Heaped Upon Those Unfit To See The Eternal City Through The Eyes Of His Writer.

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    Alexander again throws us into the depths of Hell and leaves us to find safe passage through the twists and turns of Keith s journey s to recover his companion This story continued to build the tension and drama of the Series I cant wait for the next installment.