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The author s imagination seems limitless as the creativity displayed in the scenes and the settings compel the reader to plow through the pages The hallucination scenes are frightening, the nightmarish like sequences had me questioning reality right alongside the characters Somehow, even though Hinckley paints clear visuals, he also leaves enough room for the reader to incorporate their own visions as well, and that is one of the things I love so muc Ä Infinity 7 ì With Possible Alien Life On Board Metis 3 Space Station, Astronaut John Collins Fights For His Life As He Battles Hallucinations, Crazed Crew Members, And A Misunderstood Alien Influence On The Mission As The Station Spins Out Of Control And Heads Directly For Earth S Atmosphere, John Must Come To His Senses And Save The Station Before It S Too Late.