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READ PDF â The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Annotated) ¹ William Shakespeare Was An English Poet, Playwright, And Actor, Widely Regarded As The Greatest Writer In The English Language And The World S Pre Eminent Dramatist He Is Often Called England S National Poet, And The Bard Of Avon His Extant Works, Including Collaborations, Consist Of Approximately Plays, Sonnets, Two Long Narrative Poems, And A Few Other Verses, Some Of Uncertain Authorship His Plays Have Been Translated Into Every Major Living Language And Are Performed Often Than Those Of Any Other Playwright

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  1. Taka Taka says:

    I did it.38 plays, 2 long poems, and 154 sonnets in 2462 onion paper pages I read them all ALL I think I deserve a self congratulation for this Yes Good job It took me than two months of intense reading that toughened my wrists and arms from reading it on the train standing, hardened my heart with stony indifference against people s perplexed and peering gazes thrown at me even to the point of leaning in from the side to see what the hell I m reading, and made me utterly fearless against any future reference to Shakespeare.From the end of January to today, April 5th, it was a long journey during which time I came out of Shakespearean depths only once to take a quick breather for five days and read one contemporary book It was a long, long read indeed.So what do I think of his works Amazing If you speak Eng...

  2. Darwin8u Darwin8u says:

    January 1 Two Gentlemen of Verona 1589 1591 January 1, 20172 The Taming of the Shrew 1590 1591 January 5, 20173 Henry VI, Part 2 1591 February 1, 2017February 4 Henry VI, Part 3 1591 February 3, 2017 5 Henry VI, Part 1 1591 1592 January 21, 2017 6 Titus Andronicus 1591 1592 February 9, 2017 March 7 Richard III 1592 1593 March 4, 2017 8 The Comedy of Errors 1594 March 11, 2017 9 Love s Labour s Lost 1594 1595 March 27, 2017April 10 Richard II 1595 April 7, 201711 Romeo and Juliet 1595 April 12, 201712 A Midsummer Night s Dream 1595 April 21, 2017 May 13 King John 1596 May 3, 201714 The Merchant of Venice 1596 1597 May 8, 201715 Henry IV, Part 1 1596 1597 May 20, 2017June 16 The Merry Wives of Windsor 1597 June 20, 201717 Henry IV, Part 2 1597 1598 June 24, 201718 Much Ado About Nothing 1598 1599 June 25, 201...

  3. Daniel Cowan Daniel Cowan says:

    Simply put, When you have The Complete Works of William Shakespeare you have one of the best works of literature ever written I would definitely place it in the top 10 best works of literature of all time I bought this book at special price from here

  4. Brad Brad says:

    For Harold Bloom Can 35 Thousand Literary Critics and 3 Million Groundlings Be Wrong Yes.Taking arms against Shakespeare, at this moment, is to emulate Harry Potter standing up to He Who Must Not Be Named Simply opposing Lord V won t end him The Shakespeare epiphenomenon will go on, doubtless for some time, as J R R Tolkien did, and then wane Or so one can hope The official newspaper of our dominant counter culture, The New York Times, has been startled by Shakespeare s plays into establishing a new policy for its not very literate book review Rather than crowd out the Grishams, Clancys, Crichtons, Kings, Rowlings and other vastly popular prose fictions on its fiction bestseller list, the Shakespeare plays will now lead a separate theatre list William Shakespeare, the chronicler of such characters as Hamlet...

  5. Jay Daze Jay Daze says:

    Very heavy Do not read in bath Oh, and some great plays.

  6. D.N. D.N. says:

    Critically speaking, still the finest one volume complete Shakespeare Signet is refreshingly free of PC literary criticism This edition is far superior to third rate editions offered by Norton and other publishers that have been completely sold out to the dark side.

  7. Martin Bihl Martin Bihl says:

    08 11 19SonnetsWhat a terrific introduction W H Auden wrote for this section Worth the price of admission right there.05 14 19Phoenix and the Turtle, A Lover s Complaint, The Passionate Pilgrim02 01 19The Rape of Lucrece10 15 18Venus and Adonis08 28 18Two Noble Kinsmen07 26 18Henry VIIImuch interesting than i anticipated, and as a fan of A Man for All Seasons i could hear the places where it overlapped with Bolt s work.04 15 18The Tempest09 03 17A Winters Tale07 11 17CymbelineMuch better than the introduction led me to believe Yes, it s a bit neat at the end, and yes, may of the classic Shakespeare tricks are here But all in all, compelling, interesting and well done.05 27 17PericlesA Shakespeare play that experts think he only wrote 60% of Well this is an interesting mish mash01 16 17Timon of AthensHypocr...

  8. Liz Estrada Liz Estrada says:

    By reading Timon of Athens, I can now say I have read them all As a theater major, it is my duty and pleasure.

  9. Michael P. Michael P. says:

    A proper evaluation of this new edition of Shakespeare s probably im Complete Works from Oxford University Press would need at least 8000 words to explain, and I am not interested in writing that Overall, the texts are well edited in the popular way of editor s changing the texts to what they believe Shakespeare actually wrote when they believe something was misprinted in the early editions They also add lots of notes, and some that are perhaps less helpful than they are intended to be.I am always grateful for glosses of obscure words and phrases, and these are mostly helpful I am less grateful for the staging notes that coexist with the glosses Those I have read are not inaccurate, but they discourage creative thinking by directing our attention to specific explanations which may or may not be correct I do...

  10. Anna Anna says:

    Oh, Shakespeare I had trouble fully enveloping myself in his language until an expert came along and led me through it I appreciated the stories and the poetry and the rhythm But I could not appreciate or even comprehend the depth of the language until my professor delved into all she knew and shared as much as she could in a couple of years She was a Shakespeare guru and her favorite text is the Arden Its comprehensive notes give the reader all the information they could ever want while keeping the original intent clear and enjoyable As with translations of many texts, other publications can make any reader suspicious leaving things out, giving subjective footnotes But Arden treats the text with respect and knowledge.