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♔ Solar Twins (Chrystal Lake Chronicles Book 1) ⚆ The Dreams Of Undiscovered Wonder In Outer Space Are Realized When A Federal League Of Earth Nations Team Of Highly Educated Space Adventurers Discover Not Just One But Two Inhabitable Planets Immediate Efforts Are Made To Settle One Of The Twin Planets And Investigate The Mysterious Inhabitants Of The Second Sister Planet Unfortunately, Not Everything Goes As Planned And They Find Themselves Separated From One Another, With No Communication, Having To Make The Best Of An Increasingly Poor Situation In These New Worlds, The Humans Are The High Tech Aliens, But The Locals Are Not Helpless Their Entire Civilization Is Built Around A Technology That The Humans Would Consider Mystical Or Magical When Humans Are The Aliens That Show Up Unexpectedly On The Proverbial Planetary Doorstep Of Another Race, How Will The Hosts React