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^Free Ebook ⇞ An Indigenous Peoples History of the United States for Young People (ReVisioning American History for Young People Book 2) ⇡ Spanning Than Years, This Classic Bottom Up History Told From The Perspective Of Indigenous Peoples Explodes Our National Origin Myths For Young Adult And Middle Grade ReadersThis New Version Of An Indigenous Peoples History Of The United States Brings A Painful But Necessary Reframing Of Our History To Younger Readers And Teachers Looking To Better Understand The Legacy Of Indigenous Peoples Resistance, Resilience, And Continued Struggle Against Imperialism Going Beyond The Story Of America As A Country Discovered By A Few Brave Men In The New World, Indigenous Human Rights Advocate Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz Reveals The Roles That Settler Colonialism And Policies Of American Indian Genocide Played In Forming Our National IdentityThe Original Academic Text Is Fully Adapted By Renowned Curriculum Experts, Debbie Reese And Jean Mendoza, For Middle Grade And Young Adult Readers To Include Discussion Topics, Archival Images, Original Maps, Timelines, A Glossary, Recommendations For Further Reading, And Other Materials To Encourage Students To Think Critically About Their Own Place In History

10 thoughts on “An Indigenous Peoples History of the United States for Young People (ReVisioning American History for Young People Book 2)

  1. Aria Aria says:

    Disclosure I received this book for free from Goodreads This is probably the most thorough, honest history book I have ever come across, aside from the works of Mr Howard Zinn I recommend it for all students at an appropriate comprehension level It s a necessary companion to balance out any traditional currently taught Euro centric history studies If one is in the States, then as far as I m concerned this should be considered de rigueur It will definitely provide food for both thought discussion It will also assist in providing a broader complete idea of the underpinnings of society, how we all arrived at the current spot we are occupying in the history of the world This is a history we need to hear Well written, chock full of information, explanations, well placed question prompts for those all important thoughts discussions.

  2. MCZ Reads MCZ Reads says:

    4.5 stars, rounded up.I am not an educator, but I come from a family of teachers and I will be recommending this book to all of them This book tackles a difficult, mammoth subject and makes it accessible to middle grade readers there are references such as when you were in elementary school, and some of the activities might be too juvenile for high school students, but I ll leave that to educators to decide.My copy is an ARC, so there are some typos and text errors that should be fixed in published copies But overall the authors did an excellent job breaking down the subjects into comprehensive chapters and providing historical context to give students a fuller vision of history It provides necessary information to convey the brutality Indigenous people have faced without being melodramatic or overly gory This book should be required reading.

  3. Madonna Madonna says:

    An Indigenous Peoples History of the United States for Young People by Debbie Reese is a well researched history of those who lived here before the United States came into being I was a little disappointed in the lack of detail of the actual history of the People However, for the size of the book, it accomplished a lot of the purpose for which it was written I think it makes students want to search further into the United States History Being a kind of history buff, myself I have studied many histories of the nation and found this a nice addition to my library Thanks to Goodreads for the chance to read this interesting history book.

  4. Eti Eti says:

    An absolutely essential addition to every collection school library, classroom, public library, curriculum.

  5. Ami Pendley Ami Pendley says:

    This should be required reading in every US history class.

  6. Crystal Crystal says:

    I will review this on Rich in Color soon.