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(((FREE PDF))) ↛ The Cult of the Black Moon (Teloston University Book 1) ↡ Adopted By A Temple Community At The Age Of Five, Korin Volcalt Has Come To Accept The Life Of Religious Sacrifice Although Educated About The Worlds Around Him, Korin Has Nonetheless Been Conditioned To Avoid Contact With The Mage Population And Their Magic But One Chilling Night, Korin Faces The Temple S Ultimate Test, Quickly Learning The True Nature Of His Religious Leaders After Nearing Death Multiple Times Escaping From His Trial, Korin Discovers A Shocking Truth He S A MageKorin Immediately Leaves Behind His Old Life And Begins His Studies At Teloston University, Gradually Learning How To Wield Magic Gladly Embracing His New Situation, He Soon Makes Friends Before Successfully Engaging In Incredible Extracurricular Activities Meanwhile, He Progressively Overcomes The Several Afflicting Thoughts Of His Non Mage Past During His Journey Of Self Discovery, However, Korin Learns That He Will Need To Navigate And Contend With The Numerous And At Times, Unbelievable Cultural And Political Problems The Mages Also Face In Stages Over The First Semester, He Uncovers Lost Knowledge, Ancient Cults, And The Tip Of A Dark, Complex Conspiracy In The First Of An Epic Series, The Story Is Set In The Caelverse A Universe Filled With Geometrically Positioned Solar Systems, Gravitationally Warped Worlds, Mystifying Astral Planes, And An Astonishingly Diverse Civilization, With Regions Featuring Primitive Forest Trolls, To Transhumanists In Computerized Arcologies

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