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We all have those things in our lives we wish we could go back and change Shabana Mukhtar revisits some of her regrets in Ctrl Z This somewhat listful memoir is interesting to me because it covers an aspect of life we often try to avoid This one s good for anyone looking for a little self reflection and validation that others experience challenges similar to our own. It s a quick read a gentle trip down nostalgia lane than a sharp curve around regretville I liked the little snipptes from life It felt honest and real, and there were quite a few which were relatable I enjoyed the parody song, and extra points for mentioning one of my favourite and frankly underrated movies All in all, the book will remind you of your childhood and make you wish you could relive it again. it is funny i remamber my childhood also.ctrl z should be there. |Download ⚒ Ctrl Z (Nonstop Ramblings Book 1) ☸ Haven T You Wished That You Could Reverse Your Actions And Words Haven T You Wished You Had Reacted Differently Haven T You Wished To Change Something Or Erase Something In This Short Book, I Have Shared Those Events, Incidents, Memories Etcetera That I Have Sort Of Regretted Or Want To Undo All Of Us Have Thought Of Pressing Ctrl Z In Real Life At Least Once And That Is Precisely Why I Feel You Should Read It It Is A Short Book And Doesn T Take Much Of Your Time Anyway