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#FREE BOOK ó Notes from the Bardo ´ This Is A Very Useful Book That Could Be Read Primarily For Tips And Tricks When Living Out Of Your RV For A Sustained Period Of Time But It Is Also Quite Thoughtful, And The Philosophical Discussions Are Given Context And Are Focused By The Constant Flux And Practical Difficulties Of Life On The Road In Conjunction, These Themes Offer A New Perspective On Getting Older, Seeking New Challenges In Life, And Reconciling The Past, And The Author Does Not Shy Away From Relaying His Personal History To Make These Points If You Are Expecting A Simple How To Guide Experience On RV Ing, Then Perhaps This Book Isn T For You If You Are Willing To Look Beyond That, However, You Are Given Much Food For Thought And It Is Worth The Time Plus There Are Truly Excellent Original Photographs Throughout, From All Over The United States And Canada