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^EBOOK ⇦ Loving You Like A Real Savage 2 ☞ With The Reconnection Of Soya And Her Father, She Learns Some Shocking Truths That He Has Hidden From The Family Since His Return The Truth Is Slowly Revealed As The Story Unfolds Soya Has Everything Her Heart Desires And , But One Thing Is For Certain She Feels Empty Without Cruz Being There For Her She Battles Grieving Still Even After Four Years Somethings You Can Never Get Over Soya Vows That She Will Make Her Brother Proud Of Her As She Turns Into The Woman She Supposed To Be With Her Having Her Own Business Of Physical Therapy Now Since Being A Nurse At A Local Clinic, She Opens A Private Practice And Takes In Injured Athletes And Striving For Greatness She Is Determining To Have Six Elements Family, Love, Tender Care, Loyalty, Honesty, And Trust Shaun Montana Has Struggled With Deciding On His Role With His Job Of Hustling He Knows He Must Do Right As He Now Has Gained The Good Graces From His Family As He Is Bought Back Into Their Lives He Must Make A Huge Decision On How To Handle Things Accordingly And Move Strictly Silent You Never Know Who Is Plotting Against You And You Always Must Be One Step Ahead No Matter What Knowing How To Handle Snakes, He Sets His Heart On Revenge And Isn T Going To Stop At NOTHING Until He Gets It He Lost The One Person Who He Wanted To Connect With Most His Son And Now He Must Fight To Finish Up Everything He Set Out To Do Family Comes First And If You Cross Them Then You Would Have Hell To Pay Ayanna Has Been Dealing With Raising Sunjai As A Single Mother Not By Choice Though Losing The Love Of Her Life Taught Her That Life Is Too Short, And You Must Live It To The Fullest Experience Everything Now While She Can And Be A Good Mother To Her Daughter She Wants To Give Her Daughter Something She Never Had Loves And Tender Care She Wants Sunjai To Know That You Are A Queen And Should Be Treated As Such Watching Sunjai Grow Up She Starts To Realize That She Raised A Beautiful Young Lady In The End Of It All Meson Has A Secret That Could Shake Things With His Relationships With All The One He Loves He Must Break Bounds And Learn That Everything Comes At A Price As He Too Wants Revenge He Is Determining To Find Whoever Had Some To With His Best Friend S Death And Makes It His Mission To Act On It Truthfully It Is To The Story That Meets The Eye He Now Must Step Up And Take On Responsibilities This Is Where Loving A Real Savage Gets Real And Shit Hits The Fans As A Test Of Trials And Tribulations Are Faced.