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!KINDLE ☩ Playing With Fire ♁ Eliodoro Courtesse, Known As Eli, Is The Head Of The Family, The Familia Wealthy, Strong, Brooding Dangerous, There Is Nothing Eli, Won T Do Or Hasn T Done To Protect All That Is His Having Left His Life Of Brutality, Violence And Secrets Behind, With His Familia In Napoli, He Has Made A New Life In England Along With His Brothers And Nephews, They Now Run A Chain Of Casinos, Called The Courtesy Club, Which Is A Perfect Cover For Their Other Less Legitimate Businesses Alexandria Carmichael, Was Widowed At A Young Age, And Let Down By The Man She Settled For After Graham Sinclair Turned Out To Have A Big Gambling Problem Alexandria Carmichael Just Wanted A Quiet Life But She Wasn T About To Get What She Wanted When Graham S Debts Turn Into The Courtessio S Problem, She Is Forcibly Taken By The Two Younger Courtessio Brothers, To Be Used As Collateral Alexandria Is Kept At Eliodoro S House And When Their Worlds Collide, Neither Will Ever Be The Same Again In The World That He Lives In, Eli Has To Learn How To Protect The One Thing What Becomes Precious To Him Than Anything In This World A Man In His Position Has Plenty Of Enemies, Ready To Take What Is His Alexandria Has To Evolve, To Become The Matriarch Of One Of The Most Powerful Mafiosi Families In England And In Naples Can Their Love Survive, Or Are They Just Playing With Fire

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