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I met Jo Miller over 15 years ago when I enrolled in one of her workshops, Leadership for Technical Women It was a game changer for me It helped to understand what real leadership is hint it s not your title and how to build my authentic leadership style I was struggling with being my authentic self, wondering how to play to my strengths and create work that made me delighted to do my job This book provides a guide that has both an opportunity for self reflection figure out what will make you love your career as well as tactical how to advice This is a book written from real experience and real stories of how careers are built This book can help you build a career you love based on meaningful, fulfilling work that aligns to our best selves and delivers for organizations. An excellent book on developing or refining your leadership style while remaining authentic and true to oneself This resonated with me than following a one size fits all recipe for success She shows you how to capitalize on your strengths and clearly illustrates how there is room for many styles of leadership in a successful organization. This book is a must read for new and mid career professionals One of my favorite quotes in Jo s book is all of the important decisions about your career will be made when you are not in the room She couldn t be right about that And that is why learning how to build your personal brand and establishing your own legacy narrative is critical to success. As a new professional, just out of graduate school, this book provided wonderful ideas about how I can establish a strong foundation to set myself on a leadership trajectory By completing some of the exercises provided in the book, I was able to self reflect and come up with a brand statement that will hopefully set me apart in my organization Additionally, creating a shadow organization map, from Part 3, was instrumental in helping me understand the structures of my workplace, in a way I hadn t thought of before The exercises and real life examples of women leaders, really help to set this book apart I am looking forward to sharing this book with other women in my organization to inspire them as well Boom Jo Miller s book, Women of Influence is a must read for any woman or man looking to go from ordinary to extraordinary and seeing their career soar Miller encourages leaders to remain authentic, as authentic leaders have happier followers I ve found this to be true as well, and have written in detail about this in my book, The Magnetic Leader Miller goes one step further and shows readers how to build an authentic brand that will grow along with you as your career shifts and evolves.Be prepared to invest time in the exercises that are included in this book, as the questions Miller asks are worth answering. Jo Miller encourages women to build on our strengths, rather than telling us that we need to fix ourselves to get ahead like so many other career books do Jo s spot on, practical approach to finding your unique leadership niche is bolstered with real world advice from a long list of high level female executives, who have been there, done that Organizations would be well served to buy this book for every woman on their team and her boss Actually, anyone who s working to advance gender equity and wants to understand the obstacles women face will benefit from reading Woman of Influence While Jo s advice is evergreen no matter where you are in your career, I especially recommend this book for early and mid career women Take the time to really think through the exercises in Part 1, which focus on recognizing your strengths, passions, and value to your organization These insights will then help you define your leadership niche the heart of becoming the leader you aspire to be You don t need to be the foremost thinker or leader in your profession, Jo writes You need to carve out a valuable niche as a leader Identify a need or gap that you re passionate about and qualified to fill, and apply your distinctive leadership strengths and character strengths to address it Jo breaks the process of achieving this into doable steps Along the way, she smashes leadership myths, like you need to manage people to lead not true and nice people don t get ahead in fact, kindness counts She also includes a dozen common missteps, such as doing instead of leading, and advice on how to avoid these traps. .Download ☬ Woman of Influence Reinvent Yourself As A Woman Of Influence And Be The Leader You Aspire To BeHave You Ever Felt Like Your Organization S Best Kept Secret Are You The Go To Person For Work That Downplays Your Potential Do You Want To Hone Your Leadership Skills While Still Staying True To Who You Are If You Answered Yes To Any Of These Questions, Or If Your Reputation As A Standout Contributor Is Not Translating Into Career Advancement, Woman Of Influence Is Here To HelpBeing Considered Indispensable In Your Current Role Won T Move Your Career Forward In Fact, It May Very Well Be Holding You Back To Step Into The Leadership Pipeline, You Need To Boss Up Your Brand To Present Yourself As The Emerging Leader You Know You Are And Ensure Others Perceive You In That Capacity, TooWith Than Two Decades Of Experience Working With Hundreds Of Thousands Of Women And Clients Including EBay, GM, Microsoft, And , Be Leaderly CEO Jo Miller Has The Strategies, Stories, And Research To Help Women Shift Their Focus From Doing To Leading In Woman Of Influence, She Provides A Practical, Hands On Roadmap That Walks You Through Nine Specific Steps To Build Your Brand, Establish Your Legacy, And Thrive Each Step Is Reinforced With Self Assessments, Inspiring Exercises, And Checklists That Have Been Road Tested By Tens Of Thousands Of Professional WomenYou Ll Hear Their Stories The Good And The Bad And Glean Important Insights From The Most Common Career Missteps Even The Most Streetwise Emerging Leaders Have Made So Instead Of Getting Derailed, You Ll Make The Leaderly Move Every Time With This Book To Guide You, You Ll Learn How To Define Your Unique Leadership Niche, Create Career Defining Moments, Recruit The Five People You Need On Your Squad, And Jo Miller reverse engineered THE playbook for career growthCalling all women who have developed great reputations as valuable contributors, but who feel stalled in their careers Perhaps even stuck Read this book ASAP It s chock full of practical guidance for accelerating your career growth. This book is an essential road map to leadership, a guidebook to be the best leaders we can be, it shows how women can encourage and support and acknowledge each other s achievements Inspiring stories from successful leaders demonstrate the power of collaboration and cooperation, sharing honest and accessible experiences and advice.So many powerful quotes my current favorites are Build a team to take you to the finish line Lift others up as you rise The downloadable worksheets and checklists on the website are a bonus, an everyday reminder of what s possible While reading this book, my list of the people I know who d benefit greatly from reading it is growing An essential leadership manual. Excellent book